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Shchedrin, Rodion


Rodion Shchedrin began his musical career as a singer in the choir school of his native city. He studied composition at the Conservatory there with Yuri Shaporin and piano with Yakov Flier. For over a decade he was Chairman of the Russian Composers’ Union as the successor to Dmitri Shostakovich. Today he lives alternately in Munich and Moscow. His more recent works are published by Schott Music Publishers.

Shchedrin’s extensive production reflects his constant search for new possibilities of artistic expression. Elements of folklore and traditional stylistic means are combined with modern compositional methods such as collage and aleatoric techniques in his compositions, which are often related to those of the great Russian classics like Dmitri Kabalevsky and Dmitri Shostakovich. From Sergei Prokofiev, who also strongly influenced Shchedrin’s way of composing, the latter has inherited the tendency towards marked rhythms and constructive, accessible linguistic gestures. The play with timbres, constantly changing lyrical and dramatic sections, as well as broadly spacious melodic lines, result in energetic power and multifaceted richness.


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