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Two Music Prizes for Gubaidulina

During the course of the music festival “Nuovi Eventi Musicali 2009” in Florence, which takes place this year for the second time, the composer Sofia Gubaidulina received the Premio Nuovi Eventi Musicali 2009 at the historical Palazzo Vecchio. The ceremony was framed by the Gubaidulina work “Seven Words” played by Alexander Iwaschkin (violoncello), Francesco Gesualdi (bayan) and the Orchestra da camera i nostri tempi under the direction of Edoardo Rosadini, and by Alfred Schnittke’s Epilogue for violoncello, piano and tape with Alexander Iwaschkin (violoncello) and Matteo Fossi (piano).

In addition, the Gubaidulina works “Repentance” for violoncello, three guitars and double bass (Italian premiere) and “Quasi Hoquetus” for bassoon, viola and piano were performed on 28 June in Fiesole, just outside the gates of Florence, at the Fiesole Summer Festival. The performers were the NemEnsemble.

Sofia Gubaidulina will receive a further honour on 21 June 2009 in Schwäbisch Gmünd. This is the 2009 European Church Music Prize, which is to be presented to the composer at the Augustinuskirche in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Prior to this, the Latvian State Choir will perform Gubaidulina’s choral work “Jauchzt vor Gott” under the direction of Sigvards Klava, and her “Sonnengesang” with the cellist Ramon Jaffé. Former recipients of the prize have included Helmuth Rilling, Eric Ericson, Arvo Pärt and Krzysztof Penderecki.


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