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World Premiere of Moritz Eggert’s “Auf dem Wasser zu singen” and “Three Interludes” in Erl

Moritz Eggert’s music will open the Tyrol Festival. On 5 July the world premiere of the two new works “Auf dem Wasser zu singen” for wind septet, 6 singers, 12 percussionists, accordion and DJ, and “Three Interludes” for accordion solo will take place during the course of a one-hour staging consisting of 20 individual works by Eggert near Erl on a boat journey from Ebbs heading towards Staustufe.

Moritz Eggert himself will be in charge of the concept, music, conducting and staging. He will be supported by the interpreters Mateja Zenzerovic, Thomas Bauer, the Max Reger Association and the Teichmann Brothers.

The composer describes the unusual idea and the course of this concert as follows:

“A poetical musical staging will take place around a potentially magical Tyrolean place (Staustufe). Music wants to be water – it flows as sound in time. ‘To Sing on the Water’ therefore means: wanting to transform oneself into sound. The subject of the evening is therefore a magical transubstantiation, a kind of ritual communion with interpreters and listeners forming a bridge to the Erl passion plays and desiring to be an archaic and earthy experience, but nonetheless an experience that is not emptily mystifying. (…) The spectacle itself can take place in any weather – actually, rain is even desirable because it contributes to the overall atmosphere. Only in case of a heavy storm might it be necessary to change to another place. In order to break away from the Kufstein event, Staustufe is consciously being used and is to be illuminated as spectacularly as possible. The point is not primarily “movement” or actions on the riverbank; everything is concentrated on what is happening in the boat (VIP listeners) and at the concert on the Staustufe.”

5 July 2009
Tyrol Festival, Erl
Oberaudorf/Ebbs (Austria), Parish Church / Staustufe, 8:00 PM
World premiere: Moritz Eggert,
Auf dem Wasser zu singen” for wind septet, 6 singers, 12 percussionists, accordion and DJ
Three Interludes” for accordion solo
Concept, music, conducting and staging: Moritz Eggert
Interpreters: Mateja Zenzerovic, Thomas Bauer, Max Reger Association, Teichmann Brothers, Moritz Eggert


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