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Peter Ruzicka's "Celan" in the New Production in Bremen

The poet Paul Celan has accompanied and occupied the composer Peter Ruzicka for decades. On 25 March 2001 Ruzicka's first opera "Celan," based on this author, received its world premiere at the Semperoper in Dresden. Now, on 10 May, the work will be introduced in a new production by Vera Nemirova at the Bremen Theatre.

The opera is not intended to be a "biography in sound" of the poet, but rather to give references to this author's fate, thinking and person - a poet who himself experienced the persecution of the Jews, was driven for the rest of his life by guilt feelings at having escaped and chose to commit suicide in 1970.

Peter Ruzicka had already come to terms with Celan's poetry in 1968/69 in his "Todesfuge" (Fugue of Death). He also referred to Celan in later compositions such as "... fragment ..." (1970), "Gestalt und Abbruch" (Form and Break-Off) (1979), "... der die Gesänge zerschlug" (...He Who Smashed the Songs) (1985) and "Recherche“ (Investigation) (1998).