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Ostendorf, Jens-Peter

Jens-Peter Ostendorf studied at the Hamburg Academy of Music and the Performing Arts with Diether de la Motte. In 1968 he worked at the composition studio of Karlheinz Stockhausen and in 1969 took over the direction of stage music at the Hamburg Thalia Theatre where he remained until 1978. From 1978 onwards Ostendorf was active as a freelance composer.

Alongside solo works, it is above all in orchestral and ensemble compositions, as well as poetry settings, that Ostendorf found a very free, unbounded music language. His experience with scenic procedures was of eminent significance for him. Ostendorf includes the multi-medial level in more recent works. In the early 1990s this approach led him to an abstract, multi-layered aesthetically underpinned composition, symphonic music to an architectural theatre based on Bruno Taut.


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