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Ulrich Leyendecker: Pensées sur un prélude

The new orchestral work by Ulrich Leyendecker with the title "Pensées sur un prélude" (Debussy Variations for Orchestra) received its world premiere on 14/15 January 2002 in Mannheim, performed by the National Theatre Orchestra Mannheim under the direction of Adam Fischer.

The piece - as the composer notes - can be played in two versions: with or without Debussy's Prélude No. 6 at the beginning (in an orchestration by Leyendecker) upon which the Pensées are based. The Debussy Variations were composed in response to a commission from the Mannheim Music Academy and are dedicated to Gerd Weiland. Ulrich Leyendecker, who hails from Wuppertal, has held a professorship at the Heidelberg-Mannheim Academy of Music since 1994.

A composer's portrait concert for Ulrich Leyendecker, organised by the Mannheim New Music Society, took place on 11 January 2002 in connection with the world premiere, at which the following works of the composer were performed:

Trio for viola, bass clarinet and piano

Etude for viola solo

Piano Pieces 1-4

Hebraic Ballades for soprano and piano

Serenade for soprano, viola, bass clarinet and piano

Leyendecker made new instrumental versions of the Trio and the Serenade especially for this concert. The interpreters included Elsbeth Reutter (soprano), Nikolaus Friedrich (piano) and Nora Niggeling (viola).