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Works of Sulchan Nassidse published by Sikorski

"If nine out of ten composers write a similar kind of music (even if it's good music!), I am more interested in the music of one who is fundamentally different from the others" (Sulchan Nassidse). The works of this composer, born in 1927 in Tbilissi (Georgia), are being represented worldwide by Sikorski Publishers as of January 2002.

Nassidse studied at the Tbilissi Conservatory until 1955. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Georgian Composers' Guild since 1964 and teaches at the Conservatory in his home town, having served as Chairman of the Department of Composition and Theory there since 1969. His extensive production attempts a union between more recent formal means and elements stemming from national traditions. At first, Nassidse strove to break away from the traditional paths of a music orientated purely on folklore, then arriving at a new musical language by means of new instrumental techniques, a language that occasionally attains pathos. After a more reflective phase followed a new contemplation of the folklore of the composer's homeland; the composer latches onto lesser known areas of this tradition with the help of experiences gained in the meantime.