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The New Homepage

Hans Sikorski Music Publishers have been presenting themselves in the form of a new internet homepage since December 2001. We should like to acquaint you with the catalogues and news centred upon our wide-ranging repertoire in a new visual form. A series of new searching functions will help and support you in goal-directed research. The entire homepage is available in both German and English.

On the start page you can read the latest up-to-date news in brief articles that we have prepared for you. Furthermore, you can find reports about concerts, world premieres and first performances, festivals and important activities of our composers, as well as announcements of new publications, new works and recordings.

From here, you can find your way into the individual catalogues for printed editions, serious music, stage works, popular music and music for children. Besides these, you can call up detailed information about the composers published by us. For each of these rubrics we have installed a special searching machine that takes the given demands of catalogue research into account and thus allows one, for example, to search for contents, instrumentation and performance duration.

The service area opens up the possibility of downloading up-to-date publications such as our Quarterly Magazine or composers' catalogues and biographies. In addition to this, you can come into direct contact with us in pursuing your goal, with one of our foreign representatives or with our webmaster, who is already today looking forward to receiving your comments.