Sofia Gubaidulina returns thanks

for the Polar Music Prize 2002

The Russian composer Sofia Gubaidulina has been awarded the Polar Music Prize 2002 on May, 27th 2002 in Stockholm. She said:

“Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to thank you, the Prize Committee, and your country for the high honour that I have been given today.

Music and mathematics are two poles of the hidden axis around which the whole material world spins. The interrelation of these poles is the hidden guideline which has been supporting the whole of European culture from the time of Pythagoras to our day. Theses two poles were eliminated by the Nobel prize. And thus it is natural that it is the Polar Prize that gives credit to theses poles, reconstructing the integrated vision of the world.

It is also natural that the right to award such a prize – in other words, the right to judge and decide – is only given to a country which is itself permeated by the same spirit of hidden harmony and peace.

And there is something even more important than that: I am grateful to Your Majesties and your country for the fact that by your mere life and history you give the whole world hope that the spirit of aggressive chaos can be overcome and restrained by the spirit of calm hidden harmony. Thank you.