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Jan Müller-Wieland's "Eidola" - World Premiere in Munich

Jan Müller-Wieland's composition "Eidola" for piano, two washboards and tape received its world premiere on 29 April 2002 in the Broadcasting Hall of Bavarian Radio in Munich, performed by the pianist Siegfried Mauser.

Müller-Wieland has supplied the following comments on his work:

"'Eidola' is the neutral plural of the Greek word 'Eidolon,' that means reflection and copy, as well as form and idol, or also idol and false idol, false ideal. 'Eidolatreia' is image veneration and worship...

"The additional CD alienates the ending of the piano piece played by me in 1987. After my appearance a violin sounds on the old cassette of the live recording, which I don't remember. I have also alienated this aspect in a manner of small flourishes.

"I found the washboards in a market. They noisily use the chords in the march."