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Mr. Sunny Shines On

An international star of the musical scene just personally visited Hans Sikorski Music Publishers in Hamburg. Bobby Hebb, the composer and first interpreter of the hit "Sunny," is on a promotional tour, for his indestructible evergreen is still in demand.

Already two years ago the first CD with the original by Bobby Hebb and 15 cover versions was issued by Trocadero (CD 10532; Distribution: Indigo). Now Trocadero is releasing a further 17 cover versions of "Sunny." The new CD (CD 12812; Distribution: Indigo) will be coming out on 13 May, and shortly thereafter Bobby Hebb will be appearing live in several German cities:

04.06.2002 Dsseldorf, Unique Club

05.06.2002 Berlin, Delicious Doughnuts

06.06.2002 Munich, Atomic

08.06.2002 Cologne, Stadtgarten

09.06.2002 Hamburg, Molotow

With "Sunny" the group Boney M. made its definitive breakthrough in the 1970s, reaching No. 1 in the German charts in 1976. There is hardly anyone who doesn't know the "Sunny" refrain line "Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain..." It is famous far beyond the jazz and soul scene - which is actually the musical homeland of the Nashville-born Bobby Hebb. The song is on the list of the 20th century's most played titles and has been interpreted well over one hundred times by renowned artists such as Cher, Georgie Fame, Wilson Pickett, Chris Montez, Ella Fitzgerald, Shirley Bassey and many others. And this is exactly what makes this song so attractive.

Bobby Hebb was born in Nashville, Tennessee on 26 July 1938 and at the age of 12 played in the Grand Ole Opry as the first Black musician. He sang with the Smoky Mountain Boys - hired by none other than Roy Acuff.

Bobby Hebb wrote "Sunny" whilst under the impression of the murders of John F. Kennedy and of his own brother Harold one day later. It is a "beautiful, simple, melancholy and hope-making title," as Rdiger Ladwig once formulated. In 1966 the single reached its highest placing as No. 2 on the US Billboard Charts.

You can find further information on the composer and title under the following internet address: