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Fata Morgana: The Dancing Sun for 8 Violoncellos

by Sofia Gubaidulina - World Premiere on 10 May 2002 in Beauvais

During the course of the "Rencontres d'Ensembles de Violoncelles de Beauvais" the new work "Fata Morgana: The Dancing Sun" by Sofia Gubaidulina will receive its world premiere performance on 10 May 2002 in Beauvais, France. The work, commissioned by the cello festival, will be interpreted by the Octuor de Violoncelles de Beauvais.

"The unusual ensemble (eight cellos) offers a variety of sound and textural possibilities. The luminous natural harmonics were especially interesting for me. I used these in order to give expression to the form of a dancing sun. Let us imagine the image of a disk of the sun rotating very rapidly round its own immobile centre and throwing out "flame arrows" in various directions. This image arises in the last third of the work. Everything that has happened before is merely a preparation for this moment."

(Sofia Gubaidulina)