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Egmont for Seven - upcoming performances of Jan Müller-Wieland's

adaptation of Beethoven's Egmont Overture

Jan Müller-Wieland says: "In March 2001 the violinist Daniel Hope told me about a project with two words: 'War peaces.' He asked me if I thought it was possible to adapt the Egmont Overture for Stravinsky's ensemble used in 'The Soldier's Tale.' What a curious idea, I thought, but I also thought it would not be possible.

"After having occupied myself thoroughly with the Egmont Overture, I agreed to Daniel's offer after all, but considered the following points important: 1) it should deviate from the original only if absolutely necessary, 2) it should use exactly the same percussion instruments used by Stravinsky, 3) it should be orchestrated and also besieged (after all, a large orchestral sound is being transformed). (...) I wish the interpreters much pleasure in playing this grotesque, fairground piece, and I thank Daniel Hope for his strange suggestion.

At the present time, the following performances of the Egmont Overture by Beethoven / Müller-Wieland have been planned:

14 July 2002

Ludwigsburg Castle Festival

17 July 2002

Rosenburg Castle, Vienna

20 July 2002

MDR Music Summer, Erfurt

1 August 2002

Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, Kiel Castle