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The Percussionist Looks for Small Change

- Slawa Ulanowski and his musical temper tantrums

Slawa Ulanowski's clever, witty adaptation of Beethoven's "Die Wut ber den verlorenen Groschen" (Rage Over the Lost Penny) was on a children's concert programme in Gelsenkirchen in late June 2002. The following comments, amongst others, appeared in the press:

"It has taken a while for Slawa Ulanowski, born in 1951 in Moscow, to establish himself in Germany's Ruhr District. But in the meantime he teaches inhabitants of Neu-Gelsenkirchen at the Folkwang School in Essen. (...) Ulanowski has written an adaptation of Ludwig van Beethoven's "Die Wut ber den verlorenen Groschen." Torsten Mller (percussionist with the New Philharmonic) started looking for the small change with his instruments! Musically speaking, of course." (WAZ, 17.06.2002)

"Ulanowski especially called upon the percussion to supply the rough, enraged outbursts. Torsten Mller could therefore play Beethoven - and he whirled with great virtuosity over drums, kettledrums, tam-tam, marimba, etc. A great success for Ulanowski, the soloist and the orchestra with its music director Johannes Wildner conducting." (WAZ, 24.06.2002)