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On Flying Carpets - Franghiz Ali-Zadeh's New Work

"Nagillar" in Lucerne

Franghiz Ali-Zadeh's new work "Nagillar" ("Fairy Tales") for orchestra will receive its world premiere on 17 August during the course of the Lucerne Festival. The Festival commissioned the work for the concert entitled "Shhrazade - Oriental Night." The Orchestre Philharmonique Suisse will perform under the direction of Susanna Mlkki.

The composer has the following to say about "Nagillar":

"Let us allow ourselves to be carried off into ancient times on a multicoloured flying carpet, into the magical world of the tales of the 1001 nights. Wonderful transformations await us here, unbelievable monsters and stormy seas, but also islands that shelter immeasurable riches. We see mysterious labyrinths which lead into the luxurious chambers of beautiful enchanted princesses; we see fear-imposing padishas (Turkish kings) and courageous fighters. The dark prophecies of the magicians and dervishes cannot prevent the lovers' striving towards unification, and all of the heroes' exciting adventures finally have a happy ending. In spite of all the reality of daily life and sober logic - they are still just fairy tales!"