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Soul-Images of Jealousy, Passion and Despair

Neumeier's "The Seagull" is taken up again in Hamburg

The ballet production "The Seagull" by John Neumeier with music of Dmitri Shostakovich and other composers, premiered during the past season, is being taken up again by the Hamburg State Opera. Performances are planned for: 22, 24 September 2002 and 11, 13, 22, 23, 25, 26 October 2002.

At the time of the premiere, the following notices appeared in the press:

"The actual strength of Neumeier's danced version of Chekov lies in the choreography of the love triangle. No more bodily geometry, but rather lyrical soul-images of jealousy, passion and despair. Neumeier develops a subtly reduced play of movement, characteristic of the figures, out of glances, gestures and attitudes to Dmitri Shostakovich's Chamber Symphony and movements from the Fifteenth Symphony. "

(Klaus Witzeling, Hannoversche Allgemeine)

"Neumeier develops his strength in the tensions of the relationship and love triangle. The pas de deux of Masha and her unloved bridegroom danced to Scriabin's Nocturne becomes a key image of the piece, just as the Tristan motif in Shostakovich's Fifteenth Symphony becomes a musical code for Kostya's inner strife." (dpa)

"John Neumeier's 'Seagull' is a magnificent choreographic poem, a thoughtful work that seems to be all of a piece, cast in one gush. It will have to be accepted into the canon of the most significant full-evening ballets. "

(Gisela Sonnenburg, Neues Deutschland)

"With the conductor Markus Lehtinen, who drew forth the most wonderful sounds from the State Philharmonic Orchestra, as if Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, and Scriabin and also the wildly unleashed Evelyn Glennie had composed their music just for this ballet."

(Horst Koegler, koeglerjournal)