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Where Oriental Magic Becomes Sound Action

Ali-Zadeh's "Nagillar" in Lucerne

"(...) Fitting in with the Lucerne Festival's motto of 'Seduction,' there was also a 'Sheherazade' programme on which the Alim Quasimov Ensemble from Baku allowed vitally sublime oriental magic to become sound action. The correspondingly captivating 'Nagillar' (Fairy Tale) by Franghiz Ali-Zadeh, who lives in Germany, was no less than an orchestral 1001 nights phantasmagoria. It was as non-representational as Henze's 'From Tempest to Dream Voyage,' a purely composed exotic adventure about flying carpets, magic gardens, monsters, hurricanes, brave warriors and beautiful princesses, thoroughly non-descriptive. Ali-Zadeh proceeds similarly to Isang Yun a while ago - she integrates 'eastern' ways of playing, such as single-tone oscillations, microtonal melismas, glissandi and also almost minimalistic 'heterophonic' repetitions, into the 'western' orchestral apparatus. (...)"