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The Russian Voice in New European Music: Edison Denisov

The independently published literature about the Russian composer Edison Denisov has appeared primarily in Russia and France. In his series studia slavica musicologica, the Berlin publisher Ernst Kuhn now presents a book by Yuri Kholopov and Valeria Tsenova, translated into English from the original Russian. It contains excellent articles on individual works in addition to a comprehensive biography of a range and precision never before attained. Thus, in selection, nearly all creative areas and periods of time are covered, from the early works to the extensive cycle of the final creative years. The authors also dedicate great attention to Denisov's orchestration of other works. In this connection they dedicate themselves to the adaptation of a large-scale collection of Schubert's vocal works, issued by Hnssler classic in a complete recording.

Numerous texts, including selected letters of Dmitri Shostakovich to Edison Denisov and statements by Pierre Boulez about the composer, are published in this volume for the first time. Denisov's commentaries on musical and societal subjects are highly informative; the authors place these in an explanatory context.

Yuri Kholopov and Valeria Tsenova are professors at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and have occupied themselves in the past with Denisov's work; their articles have appeared in specialist periodical publications sometimes difficult to obtain.

Bibliographical Information:

Yuri Kholopov: Edison Denisov - the Russian Voice in European Music / Yuri Kholopov and Valeria Tsenova, translated by Romela Kohanovskaya. - Berlin: Kuhn, 2002 (Studia slavica musicologica; Vol. 28) ISBN 3-928864-89-0