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Star-Wanderer and Pedestrian - Reviews of the Premiere

On the occasion of the world premiere of the Violin Concerto "Ballad of Ariel" on 12 September 2002 in Berlin, the following article appeared in the Berliner Morgenpost (14.09.2002):

"A world-class soloist, Daniel Hope, shone in the Konzerthaus. He began in the standing-room area behind the centre rank, then wandered towards the stage with Jan Mller-Wieland's "Ballad of Ariel," in order to deliver a captivating premiere performance at the side of Vladimir Fedoseyev and the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.

This work is notable for its polished orchestral technique, sentimentally ruminating cadenzas and a richly ornamental overall sound-carpet. Hope strutted pointedly over the strings, sobbing in some vibrato passages, disappearing at the end again. At the same time in front, ghostly bells sounded and iron chains rattled."