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Milko Kelemen and the Heavenly Forces

In Slatina, the home of the Croatian composer Milko Kelemen, who today lives in Stuttgart, a new international music festival in honour of this composer has been organised. On 4 October 2002, the Kelemen work "Orion, Venus, Andromeda" for women's (girls') choir received its world premiere during the course of the festival. The interpreters were the Zvijezdice Girls' Choir.

The sung text is assembled exclusively from the repeatedly declaimed names of the heavenly bodies.

Orion is a constellation on the equator with the two bright stars Alpha (Betelgeuse) and Beta (Rigel) and three second-magnitude stars. The famous hunter of Greek mythology is concealed behind the names of the stars. He was loved and abducted by Eos because of his beauty, but killed by Artemis.

Venus, the second planet, revolves once around the sun in 224.7 days at a moderate distance of 108.1 million kilometres from the sun. Venus, the Roman goddess of love, was originally an ancient Italian garden goddess and later equated with the Greek Aphrodite.

Andromeda, a constellation in the northern sky, receives its name from that of the daughter of the Ethiopians Cepheus and Cassiopeia in Greek mythology. Because she boasted of being more beautiful than the Nereids, Andromeda was sacrificed to a sea monster, but later saved by Perseus and transformed into a constellation.