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Enthusiastic Review of the Edition 1964

The Music for Piano of Franghiz Ali-Zadeh and the Elegie, Op. 21 of Elena Firsova were recently issued in our series "exempla nova" (Ed. 1964; 20,50 Euros). Manuel Rsler wrote the following in the current issue of the periodical Piano News:

"(...) It is characteristic of the music of Ali-Zadeh that she does not sacrifice sensuality for an intellectual programme, despite her experimental style. Melodic sections emerge in her pieces like festive villages in the bleakness of a modern landscape. This is also the case in the 'Music for Piano' of 1989. A grand piano is required; it is prepared with a glass-bead chain laid over one-and-a-half octaves. It thus presses forward into regions hardly trodden by a Western instrument before.

"Elena Firsova's 'Elegie' strikes a truly elegiac tone. In terms of compositional technique, Firsova develops the ideas of the Second Viennese School further, but treats the strictness of twelve-note music with comparative freedom. She intentionally allows for consonant sounds in the formation of the row, also valuing melodic motives highly.

"The Sikorski New Edition entitled 'Dances from Russian Orchestral Works' for piano four-hands, arranged by Gregor Gardemann, (Ed. 1720; 18 Euros) is discussed in the same issue."