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In the current issue of the periodical "Musik und Kirche" (November/December 2002), the organist Friedemann Herz writes about the second organ sonata "Poco a poco" of 1978 by the Russian composer Viktor Suslin, who now lives in Appen bei Hamburg. Here is an excerpt of this article, well worth reading:

"In the first section the composer researches and sorts out the musical material, the point of departure and germ cell of which is the interval of the perfect fifth (...). Extensions of the range up to a seventh, which are undertaken according to dodecaphonic ordering principles and reflected by improvised registrations, lead to a broadly designed middle section. In this part, complex bitonal structures confront each other on all manuals - three manuals are obligatory. The counterpoint in the pedal insistently explores, again, the tonal space within a fifth. It does so in a broad crescendo; the terraced dynamics typical of the organ are consciously and consequently avoided through flowing transitions. Echoes of medieval Georgian choral music are quite obvious. The return of these elements in the third section to the germ cell of the work's opening above an apparent recapitulation, hinted at in the pedal, takes place within a strict formal plan. This plan allows refined confrontations and reflections referring to individual sections of the score to come to the surface; finally, a symmetrical arch extends from the fifth at the beginning and the one with which the work ends. (...) In my constant search for new organ music, I happened by chance upon a copy of the manuscript score in 1980. I can no longer remember the exact circumstances. Viktor Suslin's publishers in Hamburg surely played an important role. This music fascinated me. At the same time, I had to acknowledge the enormous expenditure of energy involved. (...)"