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Under Ruzicka The Concert Sky Opens Up

Under this colourful headline, the Berliner Morgenpost published a critique on 30 November 2002 of a concert with the German Symphony Orchestra conducted by Peter Ruzicka. Klaus Geibel wrote as follows:

"(...) The Radio Choir, excellently prepared by James Wood, magnificently emphasised all of their enormous qualities. They sang the a capella motet by Thomas Tallis for forty (!) voices divided into eight choirs. Eight groups of five were arranged on the podium and up the side stairway. Ruzicka gave them their entrances. The sky literally opened up, full of artistically spun music. But that wasn't enough! Ruzicka took up the phenomenon of Tallis, subjecting the work to instrumental 'Einstrahlungen' (Radiances - the title of his composition). But now, Ruzicka hears with his spirit, too, with a fantastic sensitivity into the musical world beyond with which he surrounded Tallis's stroke of genius for a quarter hour in the most contemplative and inspired way.

"He erected another monument to Celan, the poet, to whom he has already dedicated an opera. The quarter-hour 'Recherche' later went into the opera. The only word of the powerful song of mourning and indictment gradually takes shape out of choral calls and cries. This word is 'Jerusalem.' Treble hammer blows nail it down. Truly everything that Celan had ever hoped to say, and that Ruzicka has unsettlingly taken to heart, has been musically said in the most insistent and urgent manner."