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Grawemeyer Award 2003 für Kaija Saariaho

Wie soeben bekannt gegeben wurde, wurde der finnischen Komponistin Kaija Saariaho für ihre Oper "L’amour de loin" der mit $ 200.000 dotierte Grawemeyer Award 2003 der University of Louisville verliehen.

Spontan äußerte die Komponistin:

“I am very happy to receive the Grawemeyer Award. I feel honoured and very lucky to have been chosen for such a prestigious award and it is an extremely important recognition for my work. It will also help me to continue my work as a composer in good conditions. Receiving the award for my opera ‘L'amour de loin’ is significant to me because with this work I stepped into a new territory, and my life and music has not been the same since. I have discovered the opera world, with all its splendour and drama, from the inside. ‘L'amour de loin’ gave me the opportunity to collaborate with many exceptional people. The first person who believed in this project and helped me to realize it was Gerard Mortier, who commissioned the opera and helped me to find all the participants as the work progressed over the years. I have had a chance to work with such special artists as Amin Maalouf who wrote the libretto, Peter Sellars who directed it, the singer Dawn Upshaw and others too many to mention here. They all made it possible to realise the opera, and were at the front of my mind when I got the fantastic news that I am to be presented with the Grawemeyer Award.”

Der koordinierende Juror für den Grawemeyer-Kompositionspreis, Dr. Paul Brink, begründet die Entscheidung mit folgenden Worten:

“Any work that wins the Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition must be technically competent, innovative, esthetically pleasing and accessible to the listener. ‘L’amour de loin’ by Kaija Saariaho meets all these criteria at a higher level than any other work submitted for the 2003 award”.