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Also a "Hamburg Face:" The ZEIT Foundation's Rolf Liebermann Biography

Under the headline "rich in detail and sure of the facts, no parlando," Johannes Hirschler reviewed the book "Rolf Liebermann" by Gisa Aurbek, published by the ZEIT Foundation's series "Hamburg Faces," in the Neue Musikzeitung (11/02). He wrote the following:

"(...) After the charming parlando of Liebermann's own memoirs entitled "Opernjahre" (Opera Years), Gisa Aurbek's biographical sketch leaves a rather unemotional impression at first. Rich in detail and sure of the facts, she outlines Liebermann's origins, youth and early professional life, then directly characterises the essential emphases of his work in Hamburg and Paris. He took office at the Hamburg State Opera without any previous experience or programming plan. The job interview with the governing board took all of five minutes. These are signs of an era in which one was prepared to take risks, in which a director was still allowed to learn how to become a director. Gisa Aurbek emphasises the fact that Liebermann's consistent maintenance of the repertoire, in which the word "b-cast" ceased to exist, his ensemble policy and his dedication to a new music theatre would not have been possible without a reasonable, intelligent governing board and the managing director Herbert Paris. Through Liebermann's portrait, she skilfully communicates what must take place in an opera house before the curtain can rise, and this in a manner that operatic laymen can understand. And whoever groans at the prices at German theatres, as a theatrical connoisseur, will profit from reading about the conditions at the Grand Opra de Paris, where burocracy and wildcat strikes prevented more than one premiere from taking place. (...) Aurbek traces Liebermann's compositional development in a single chapter devoted to this subject, delivering terse analyses of his most important compositions." (Gisa Aurbek: "Rolf Liebermann, Verlag Ellert & Richter, Reihe "Hamburger Kpfe," ISBN 3-8319-0006-X)