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Johannes Harneit: "Triptycon"

World Premiere on 13 March 2003 in Emden

On the occasion of the 65th birthday of hans-joachim hespos on 13 March 2003, Johannes Harneit has composed the chamber orchestral work "Triptycon (13 x 3)" which will receive its world premiere performance on 13 March in Emden under the composer's direction.

"This year," commented Harneit, "we are both celebrating 'round birthdays,' and it was stimulating for me to bring together very different compositional approaches into a kind of 'double portrait.' Following hespos's motto of 'no quotations,' the composition contains no hespos, and gradually no more Harneit, either. Instead, after a very open beginning (totally chromatic), the Chopin Preludes (ordered according to the circle of fifths) appear. I have separated them according to major or minor mode, but they are connected by a fugal theme latently inherent to them. This strict arrangement is finally dissolved in spectral utopias which paraphrase the first Prelude from Bach's 'Well-tempered Clavier.' The composition was stimulated by a diary entry of Cosima Wagner according to which the unresolved dissonance in Chopin's F major Prelude disturbed Richard. Her objection that it was a natural sound did not convince him - even a natural sound had to correspond to the eternal laws of harmony."

hans-joachim hespos, who generally writes his name in lower-case letters, is considered to be one of the most decisive and consistent outsiders in German contemporary music. After working in schools and teaching himself the craft of musical composition, he wrote his first composition for violoncello solo in 1964. In 1967 hespos won the composition prize of the Gaudeamus Stichting; in 1968 he won the first prize of the Fondation Royaumont in Paris; more furtherance prizes followed. He has served as a guest instructor in Israel, the USA, Brazil and Japan. In 1982 he founded the "Kulturscheibe von Hoyerswege" together with Werner Scheitza.