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Indispensable: Sikorskis new Chamber Music Catalogue on CD-ROM

SIKORSKI MUSIC PUBLISHERS new Chamber Music Catalogue on CD-ROM represents a new attempt to inform interpreters, ensembles, conductors, concert organisers and music dealers of our extensive chamber music offerings faster than ever before, made possible by software specially conceived for this purpose.

With the help of our carefully worked-out search programme, you can locate solo as well as ensemble or chamber orchestral compositions with even the most unusual instrumental combinations. The free combinatoriality of many search criteria allows you to quickly find compositions corresponding to your special wishes and requirements.

Besides works in our purchasing and rental catalogues, the extensive SIKORSKI Archive has been included. This Archive stores numerous interesting and valuable compositions. Thus, works that have long been out of print or are only in manuscript are again available here in the form of photo prints or within the scope of our Print on Demand programme. The catalogue thus includes a broad spectrum of works, extending from our series of music of the old masters to editions of the classical period and the latest works of new chamber music.