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Reviews of Ruzicka's "Celan" in Mainz

On 29 March 2003, Peter Ruzicka's music theatre "Celan" was given its premiere in a new staging at the Mainz State Theatre.

The Frankfurter Rundschau (Bernhard Uske, 31 March 2003) writes as follows:

"(...) In the many film fades-in required by Ruzicka (on topics such as war, escape and love), the new production in Mainz limited itself to cipher-like computer animation extending over the entire stage area. This was perfectly realised by Gabor Prusci, Mark Glser and Mirko Belbez. Typewriter typography ran down like a powerful shower of rain, stereotyped bodies zoom onto a Bogner seesaw, pressing themselves onto the audience. The actual stage actors, appearing as body shadows like an Ascension commando, leak into the open oblivion of the drawing floor into the 'grave in the airs.' In spite of all lyrical abstinence, connections to Celan's aesthetic expression were made. It was completely unembarrassing here, thanks to the high level of medial abstraction. Connections were made to the 'Fugue of Death' and the 'Heavenly Abyss,' where the 'heavenly wrecks' 'travel with masts singing in the direction of Earth.'"

The following appeared in the Wiesbadener Kurier (Axel Zibulski, 31 March 2003):

"Ruzicka's opera is not a biography in tones of the poet Paul Celan, whom the composer personally encountered shortly before the former's death. Rather, biographical moments return again and again: a caf in Bucharest, where the poet enjoyed his first literary successes, a German waiting room, a bridge in Paris as the probable place of Celan's suicide in 1970. As in a fugue form ("Fugue of Death" form?) these scenes are repeated with modified action. Producer Pilz's own scenery remains sparing, and abstract enough to be able to realise leaps in time, which are like film-cuts. The poet himself makes two appearances. Firstly, in the year of his death (playfully and believably portrayed by Richard Salter), and secondly, as a young man (played by Vadim Volkov with balmy depth). After the central, fourth scene, the two meet, arguing with each other."