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Review of Our New Publications "Images of Childhood" and "Sounds of Childhood" by Aram Khachaturian in PIANO NEWS 03/03

In the latest issue of the specialist periodical PIANO NEWS (03/03) Manuel Rsler writes about the "Images of Childhood" (Ed. 2144) and the "Sounds of Childhood" (Ed. 2166) by Aram Khachaturian as follows:

"It has been a classic for a long time - Aram Khachaturian's two-volume children's album for the piano. The Armenian composer has packed in everything that is fun for children: there are 'Wild Horseback-Riding,' 'Prattling Aunts' and even - strange idea - a 'Leopard on the Seesaw.' Both volumes have been published by Sikorski since 1971 and the old edition has certainly gathered some dust during the past 32 years. Therefore, it is high time for a new issue, edited for this occasion, that especially sets new standards in its notational layout. The volume is easy to survey and has ample space between the systems; playing instructions and fingerings have been fully revised and integrated into the note text more clearly than was the case before. The Russian dynamic indications from the first edition have been translated. And the same is true today as could be said in earlier times: the 'Images and Sounds' are wonderfully suited as small genre pieces in concert, for teaching and as daily playing literature."