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"An Adventurous Trip by Foot" - Auerbach's Hamburg Debut

On 22 June, John Neumeier's new ballet "Prludes CV" will receive its premiere at the Hamburg State Opera. The composer Lera Auerbach will be present in Hamburg, also taking on the piano part of her new work written especially for this occasion.

In an article entitled "An Adventurous Trip by Foot," appearing in the newspaper "Die Welt," Irmela Kstner writes the following:

"For Lera Auerbach it is the first time that she is witnessing one of her compositions awakened to new life in the form of dance. The encounter with the composer, born in Chelyabinsk, Russia, reminds John Neumeier of his collaboration with Alfred Schnittke. 'It is the same understanding, the same sensitivity which gets along without words,' Hamburg's ballet director enthuses. 'I had the feeling that I knew Lera Auerbach forever when I heard her music.' The expression of pure humanity, the choreographer continued, impressed him. 'Obviously my own experiences, memories of people, of relationships, of the most varied faces of people I know are reflected in the music.' And Lera Auerbach admitted being moved to tears, the choreographer showed her so directly what she intended on the musical level. 'Prludes CV' shows two new ballets by John Neumeier to musical premieres of two compositions of Lera Auerbach, as the upbeat to the 29th Ballet Days on 22 June at the State Opera. The composer, pianist and author has dedicated the '24 Prludes for Cello and Piano' to John Neumeier. The second piece of the evening, '24 Prludes for Violin and Piano' is dedicated to the violinist Vadim Gluzman and the pianist Angela Yoffe, who will interpret it in Hamburg. Gluzman, who already played the violin part in Neumeier's 'Bernstein Dances' was in fact the instigator of the project. It had always been her dream to work with a choreographer, confesses Lera Auerbach. She had her first experiences with the arts of the stage at the young age of twelve, when her teacher could not meet the deadline for an operatic composition, passing the commission on to his pupil without hesitation. The opera, based on fairytale motifs, toured throughout the Soviet Union. At the age of fourteen, the all-round talent published her first book with poetry and prose texts. In 1991, she spontaneously decided not to return to the former Soviet Union after a concert in the USA. She did not want to reject the stipend offered her by the Juilliard School. Lera Auerbach speaks of a successful transformation, John Neumeier calls it a metamorphosis. A transition that can be observed through the characters of his dance figures. The dancers themselves had to at times find out the motivation for the choreographed actions, explains Neumeier. 'I gave them the freedom to experiment with it.' Thus, each performance becomes a new voyage of discovery, an adventure. And he greatly missed the zest for adventure among this year's applicants for the Prix Dom Prignon, says Neumeier. The competition for up-and-coming European choreographers was held for the third time during the Ballet Days. In addition, the 2001 prize winner, Gustavo Sansano, will introduce a new work. The guest performance of the Ballet du Grand Thtre de Genve will show a cross-section of contemporary choreography with pieces by Mark Morris, Giorgio Mancini and Saburo Teshigawara. The concluding Nijinsky Gala is in memory of Rudolf Nureyev, with guests from the Paris Opera and the Bolshoi Ballet from Moscow, for the most part under the banner of the classical tradition."