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"Epilepsy" - World Premiere of a Lied Composition of Jan Müller-Wieland in Munich

On 2 June 2003, at the 7th ADEvantgarde Festival in Munich during the course of the project "Le Lied, mon amour," a new Lied composition by Jan Müller-Wieland entitled "Fallsucht" (Epilepsy) based on an aphorism of Micaela von Marcard (Thomas Bauer, baritone; Moritz Eggert, piano) received its world premiere. Further performances will be taking place in Winterthur (24.10.2003), Lyon (21/22.01.2004) and Graz (Spring 2004).

Micaela von Marcard's text "Epilepsy" is as follows:

"Earth quakes.

You dreaming?

Lose, lose, lose your foothold.

Do feet stick?

What's the big idea?


Won't go!

Come on!

Stop putting on an act!

Keep your hands off me!!

Cut it out!!!


So cold...

I'm freezing.

Earth pulls!


cool. It's burning.