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A Symphony for New Zealand - Krzysztof Meyer's Seventh Symphony

The Polish-born composer and Academy Professor Krzysztof Meyer, who lives in the vicinity of Cologne, has just completed his Seventh Symphony "Sinfonia del tempo che passa." The work will be introduced to the public for the first time on 17 October 2003 in Poznan during the course of a special concert to celebrate the composer's sixtieth birthday. The official world premiere is planned for 2005 in New Zealand. On this occasion, the composer's portrait will appear on a four-dollar stamp of the Chatham Islands, an island group belonging to New Zealand and located in the South Pacific approximately 800 km from that country.

The Seventh Symphony is Meyer's first symphonic work expressly inspired by the visual arts. The composer names the sculptor Woytek, who lives and works in Heidelberg, as the source of his inspiration; the sculptor created a work commissioned by New Zealand on the subject of "The Four Seasons." In his Symphony, says Meyer, he did not want to merely illustrate the conditions of the seasons, but to express the passing of time in tones. The work contains three movements. After the stormy introductory movement follow a chamber-music-like, and - as Meyer himself calls it - esoteric Scherzo as well as a grand, concluding Adagio. Meyer has been working on his new orchestral work since the beginning of 2002. This is the first time in twenty years that the composer has again turned to the genre of the symphony.