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"X" for Three Invisible Orchestras - Johannes Harneit's New Piece for Children

On 12 September 2003 at 11 o'clock, during the course of its children's concert "Pauke sucht Flte" (Kettledrum is Looking for Flute), the Itzehoe Theatre will present the world premiere of an unusual new musical work for children: "X" for Three Invisible Orchestras, Op 16/2. The composer, Johannes Harneit, was commissioned to write this work by the Ostsee Philharmonie Danzig, which will perform the premiere under the direction of Frank Klassen. Harneit conceived this cheerful introduction to the instruments for children and adults so that listening would definitely be more important than watching. As a surprise for the audience, the stage curtain remains closed when the conductor appears alone on stage, sets up his music stand facing the audience and conducts in their direction. In fact, orchestra number one is hidden in the first row. More musicians (orchestra II) are concealed in the orchestra pit, invisible to the audience, and orchestra III is set up far behind the conductor, behind the closed stage curtain. The entertaining piece is cast in the following ten movements: Hymn, Melody, Hideout, March, Dream, Conversations, Dance, Flight, Bridges and Finale.