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Lera Auerbach News

John Neumeier's ballet "Prludes CV" on music by the Russian-American composer and poetess Lera Auerbach is being taken up in the Hamburg State Opera's new season. Performances have taken place on or been planned for 24, 26 and 30 September 2003, 1/2 October 2003 and 13 June 2004. Lera Auerbach will be staying in Hamburg on these dates, in order to participate as pianist in her Prlude Cycles for violin and piano and for violoncello and piano. On this occasion, "Feldtmann kulturell" organised an Auerbach concert in the so-called Hamburg "Fasskeller" on 4 October 2003. Besides the composer, the violinist Anton Barachovsky performed at this event. On 7 October 2003 the world premiere of Auerbach's Violin Sonata No. 2 took place, with soloists Philippe Quint and Adam Neiman. From 17 November until 28 December 2003, Lera Auerbach will serve as composer-in-residence at the Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts (VCCA).