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Ein Beitrag über Lera Auerbachs 24 Präludien im Fachmagazin STRAD

In der britischen Streicherfachzeitschrift STRAD MAGAZINE Oktober 2003 ist ein Beitrag von Peter Quantrill über die CD-Neuerscheinung mit Lera Auerbachs „24 Präludien op. 46“, „T’filah“ und "Postlude" (Vadim Gluzman, Violine, Angela Yofee, Klavier) erschienen (BIS-CD-1242). Der Autor schreibt:

”Lera Auerbach (b. 1973) may have defected to the U.S. in the dying days of the Cold War, but her music’s quixotic personality is shaped decisively by the Russian upbringing and Jewish heritage, at least on the evidence of this hour-long cycle of short preludes. Written four years ago, but premiered only in June 2003 by the duo heard here, the cycle climbs through the keys by ascending fifths: on the way we pass some aching tunes (Nos. 2 and 23) resonant with the sound of Jewish folk poetry - the sleeve-note extols Auerbach's literary accomplishments - and moto perpetuo exuberance (no. 14). More often, though, a very Russian sense of irony forms the musical landscape into wild scales (no. 5) and childishly simple melodies (no. 3 and 15), which lead to abrupt and sinister dead ends. Mozart and Tchaikovsky both pop up (nos. 2 and 8) in parodies that further strengthen the impression of the post-Schnittke soundworld. (…) Vadim Gluzman and Angela Yoffe vary their tone admirably to respond to music that depends for much of its effect on colouristic nuance. (…)”