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Gubaidulina -Composer-in-Residence in Bochum

The composer Sofia Gubaidulina, who lives in Appen near Hamburg, has a very special relationship to the city of Bochum. Many of her artist friends, admirers of her music and interpreters live here and maintain an uninterrupted exchange between her and the cultural life of the city.

The cellist Tabea Zimmermann, one of the most committed interpreters of Gubaidulina's music, has recently married the Music Director of the Bochum Symphony, Steven Sloane, and made much influential publicity for inviting the composer to the Ruhr metropolis. The Anthroposophical Society, who is very fond of Gubaidulina, and one of their authorised members, Michael Kurtz, makes his home in Bochum. All of this has led to Sofia Gubaidulina's invitation to serve as composer-in-residence in Bochum during the first half of the year 2004. The American composer John Corigliano will follow her in the 2005/2006 season, which will be led by the American Steven Sloane, who is also Music Director of the American Composers Orchestra. In the 2005/2006 season, an orchestral work by Gubaidulina will feature in several symphony concerts. These works include the German premiere of the new Bayan Concerto "Under the Sign of Scorpio." A version for cello and orchestra by Vladimir Tonkha of Gubaidulina's Viola Concerto will receive its world premiere. Moreover, works by Gubaidulina will be on three or four chamber concerts together with chamber music by other composers, including Heinrich Schtz, Anton Webern, Viktor Suslin and Frank Michael Beyer.

14.03.2004 Turku

Sofia Gubaidulina:

Work for trombone, saxophone quartet, percussion, violoncello and double bass

(Christian Lindberg, Raschr Quartet, and others)