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Works by Alfred Schnittke in Patras

In April/Mai 2004 the Conservatory of the Grecian town Days of Contemporary Music, this year dedicated to the 100th anniversary of composer Nikos Skalkotas. Within the scope of this New Music Festival there will be a stress on Schnittke in early Mai, performed by Irina Schnittke, Oleh Krysa (violin), Alexander Ivashkin (violoncello), Vassiliki Karajanni (piano) and the Symphonic Orchestra Patras under the conduction of Saulius Sondeckis. At the introductory event on 4 Mai 2004 the panel discussion will be followed by a showing of the film "the Glass Harmonica" with the filmmusic by Alfred Schnittke.

The concerts are planned as follows:

5 Mai 2004:

Sonata for piano no. 2

"Sounding Letters" for violoncello solo

"A Paganini" for violin solo

Three Madrigals for soprano and ensemble

Sonata for cello no. 1


7 Mai 2004:

"Moz-Art la Haydn" for 2 solo violins, 2 string orchestras, contrabass and


Sonata for violin and chamber orchestra

Alban-Berg-canon "To the Frankfurt Opera House" for strings

"Sutartines" for bass drum, drum kit, organ and string orchestra

Concert for piano and string orchestra

A Schnittke exhibition will be held during the Schnittke days in the seminar room of the Old Hospital.