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Revised version of Jan Müller-Wieland’s “Eidola” at the music triennale in Cologne

On 25 April 2004 the revised version of “Eidola” for piano and CD by Jan Müller-Wieland opens for the first time at the music triennale in Cologne. It will be preformed in the broadcasting studios of the WDR within the scope of the event “Omaggio a Luigi Nono”. The soloist is Siegfried Mauser. The motto of the concert is Instrumantal Sounddelimitations for piano and electronics.


“The previously existing three pieces with CD (‘Heaven’, ‘March’, ‘Concert Hall’) from 2002 are now five. The new pieces are without electronics and slide between the other three with electronics to form a Rondo. In the sense of Schumann’s ‘Children scenes’ they are ‘Adult scenes’: ‘Venice from below’ has the order ‘baldanzoso’. The pillars of Venice dance and joke around. ‘Angelic patience’ relates to the pendulum, the swinging quiet and the relaxed patience of the Venetian gondolas. For Homer, an eidolon was a bodyless image. For Platon, it was a reflection and illusion created by mankind.”