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A New Idea for New Ideas: Sikorski's Subject Catalogue

Sikorski Music Publishers are pleased to present a new catalogue which lists and regards selected instrumental music from an unusual perspective. The 64-page Subject Catalogue has just been issued, and can be ordered from Sikorski's PR and Advertising Department.

The concept behind this catalogue is the presentation of instrumental music according to its content. Solo literature, chamber and orchestral music of Sikorski Publishers has been examined according to extra-musical stimuli, motives, themes and illustrated plots, and then categorized in corresponding key words. The works in question are not primarily programme music, but in general absolute music. It is not easy for an outsider to understand a work's content from the title alone, or from the history behind the work's composition. This is where the catalogue should be a help. There is a brief introductory text with corresponding references to the works in question. All of the works listed are clearly presented in a register according to composer, ensemble, thematic content, and performance duration.