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Music for the Screen: Sikorski's New Film Music Catalogue

The genre of film music has experienced a true breakthrough on international concert stages during recent years. The great discoveries have included, most importantly, the soundtracks to Russian classics such as "Alexander Nevsky" and "Ivan Grosny" of Sergei Prokofiev, and "Odna" and "The Golden Mountains" of Dmitri Shostakovich. Outstanding conductors such as Frank Strobel of the European Film-Philharmonic and the Swiss Armin Brunner, have made notable contributions towards making this material better known. Moreover, Strobel has made suites out of the film music of Alfred Schnittke which have received and will receive repeated performances. First recordings of several of these are to appear on the Capriccio label at the end of the coming year.

This lively interest in film music has been the motivation behind Sikorski Publishers' new Film Music Catalogue. Background information, the history of the composition of the works and a select catalogue of listed works are all brought together. The current issue (3/2004) of the series "Sikorski magazine" is dedicated to film music and is available on request from the PR and Advertising Department.