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Volker Schlöndorff Receives Award for Film Accompanied by a Schnittke Soundtrack

Volker Schlöndorff, film director and Oscar Award winner, will receive this year's Bernhard Wicki Film Prize. The prize of 10000 Euros, awarded as the "Peace Prize of German Film" since 2002, goes to Schlöndorff's film "The Ninth Day," being shown throughout the country in the autumn. In his latest project, Schlöndorff tells the story of the Luxemburg priest Henri Kremer. The priest is allowed to leave the concentration camp Dachau for nine days. During this time he fights with his conscience whether he should cooperate with the Nazis or return to Dachau. Ulrich Matthes plays the leading role. The script is based on the autobiography of the Luxemburg priest Jean Bernard.

Schlöndorff has exclusively used the music of Alfred Schnittke for the soundtrack of this moving film, including the famous Second Cello Concerto in its entirety. The Swedish label BIS, especially committed to the music of Schnittke, has released the soundtrack in the form of a special edition on CD.