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Finally on CD: Grigori Frid's "Diary of Anne Frank"

It has taken a long time for one of the most frequently performed chamber operas of the past few decades to appear on CD. In his "mono-opera," meaning an opera for solo soprano and chamber ensemble, Frid has condensed the original text of about 300 pages into the essential points of emphasis. His music moves freely in tonal and atonal regions and, as Christiane Tewinkel in her current CD discussion in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 17 July 2004 says, "it is at no point a slave to abstraction, but comes up with colours, harmonies, playing and singing techniques full of meaning. The low strings and woodwinds are allowed to move in elegiac lines, there are biting drum rolls and dissonantly sharp brass passages. Glockenspiel melodies, delicately clicking along, remind us of a brighter life outside the situation of being imprisoned." Sandra Schwarzhaupt, just 25 years old, has selected a difficult work for this world premiere recording issued by Profil (Naxos) and mastered it with bravura and precision. She is accompanied by the Emsland Ensemble under the direction of Hans Erik Deckert.

The CD:

Grigori Frid: The Diary of Anne Frank. Sandra Schwarzhaupt (soprano), Emsland Ensemble, cond. Hans Erik Deckert. Profil 04044 (Naxos)