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Ruzicka’s Fifth String Quartet „Sturz“ (Plunge) premiered at Wien Modern

The four string quartets of Peter Ruzicka, movingly committed to recording on the ECM label by the Arditti Quartet (including the participation of Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau), show – as Thomas Schäfer writes – “in several perspectives a composer whose music hesitates, leaves open, retracts, searches for silence, persists – and then again suddenly breaks out, comes out wildly, revolts as if desperate.” After eight years – his Fourth String Quartet “…sich verlierend” (…losing itself) received its premiere in 1996 – the composer and Salzburg Festival Director Peter Ruzicka has again turned to this genre.

The Arditti Quartet will give the premiere of the Fifth String Quartet “Sturz” (Plunge) on 17 November 2004 at the Konzerthaus in Vienna. The event is part of the Festival Wien Modern.