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At the Musikverein: Compelling Trio Performance of Lera Auerbach Composition

The renowned Tichmann-Bieler-Kliegel Piano Trio performed the German premiere of the Piano Trio, Op. 28 by the Russian-American composer Lera Auerbach on 22 January 2005 at the Musikverein in Regensburg. Gerhard Detel wrote the following concerning the event:

When there is an unknown contemporary work on a concert programme, the listener is usually sceptical but then pleasantly surprised when the music presented proves to be more comprehensible and agreeable than he had expected. Lera Auerbachs Piano Trio, composed during the 1990s, offered this kind of unexpectedly pleasant surprise at the latest Musikverein concert. The young Russian-born composer has written a highly expressive Trio firmly in the tradition of her homeland Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Schnittke. At the same time, the work avoids loquacity its forms are terse and concentrated.

A far cry from the usual polite applause, the ensuing outburst following the performance at the Wolfgangsaal of the Domspatzengymnasium signalled enthusiastic approval, of both the composition and the performers on the stage. The ensemble Nina Tichmann, piano, Ida Bieler, violin and Maria Kliegel, cello - filled Lera Auerbachs Trio with a downright explosive intensity. In the scherzo-like first movement, they gave us a lightly scurrying play of tones, followed by an Andante sunk in dreams. The concluding Presto was like a wild hunt in which the music suddenly froze in the middle, disintegrating into ghostly sul ponticello and artificial harmonic sounds