Brand New: Two Trumpet Works by Sofia Gubaidulina

In the 1970s Sofia Gubaidulina wrote an entire series of works for winds, including the Two Ballades for two trumpets and piano, the Trio for three trumpets and the Song Without Words, all written within one year. Concerning the thematic aspect of these pieces, roughly the same applies to them as is stated in the composerís commentary on her Violin Concerto. She then said that the theme is not developed, but instead develops itself.

The Song without Words follows the traditional romantic model, not only in its title. Harmonically and formally, it approximately follows an A-B-A form; tradition and new compositional techniques are joined in a special manner.

New Edition:

Sofia Gubaidulina: Song without Words for Trumpet and Piano / Two Ballades for 2 Trumpets and Piano

Ed. 8531