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Cardinal Ratzinger is the Pope – The Musical Authority is also published by Sikorski

The German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has been elected Pope. After 500 years, a German is once again the head of the Catholic Church. The 265th Pope in the history of the Church has chosen the name Benedikt XVI.

During the mid-1980s an article by Ratzinger on the subject of “Liturgy and Church Music” appeared in the series “Lectures about Music” published by Sikorski (SIK 1504). This is a lecture given at the opening of the 8th International Congress of Church Music in Rome during the European Year of Music on 17 November 1985.

Amongst other things, Ratzinger writes here: “Where human beings praise God, mere words do not suffice. Speaking with God goes beyond the boundaries of human speech. Speaking with God, from its very nature, has called to music for help everywhere for this reason. It has called to singing and the voices of creation in the sounds of instruments; the praise of God is not for man alone. The church service consists of joining into what all things talk about.”