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Die New York Times über Lera Auerbachs “Dreams and Whispers of Poseidon”

Den Opfern der Flutkatastrophe in Südostasien hat die russisch-amerikanische Komponistin Lera Auerbach ihre Komposition „Dreams and Whispers of Poseidon“ gewidmet. Das Stück wurde von der American Youth Symphony am 27. März in Los Angeles uraufgeführt. Die Leitung hatte Alexander Treger.

Allan Kozinn schreibt dazu in der New York Times:

“The American Youth Symphony, a Los Angeles training orchestra for musicians between 16 and 25, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this season, and among its festivities was a visit to Carnegie Hall on Saturday evening. The program was, as such programs tend to be, a carefully rounded demonstration of the orchestra's strengths.

Led by Alexander Treger, the orchestra's music director, the program opened with Lera Auerbach's ‘Dreams and Whispers of Poseidon’, a new work written for the ensemble. Ms. Auerbach, at 30, is an eloquent composer who handles an orchestra easily; in fact, for this picturesque score, with its contrasting sections of churning depths and lighter, harp-tinted dreaminess, she calls for some unusual additions, including a theremin, a musical saw and an expanded percussion array. Her language is accessible and often lyrical, but it is also invitingly sophisticated, and it yielded a work that unquestionably evoked the imagery of the title. (…)”