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Sensational World Premiere of a Flute Concerto by Gubaidulina in Sweden

The poet T.S. Eliot plays a central role in the production of the composer Sofia Gubaidulina. The fact that a quotation from one of his poems forms the title of Gubaidulinas latest Flute Concerto is therefore hardly surprising, considering this background. On 26 May 2005, the anxiously awaited world premiere of the work The Deceitful Face of Hope and of Despair will take place in Gteborg.

The soloist is Sharon Bezaly, with Mario Venzago conducting the Gteborg Symphony Orchestra. A CD production of the work for the Swedish label BIS will follow immediately. The composer has the following to say about her work:

The English title of my Flute Concerto has been taken from T. S. Eliots poem Ash Wednesday. I certainly did not intend, however, to represent the feelings mentioned in the title with musical means. I was far more concerned with musical-acoustic facts. It is known that each interval produces two combination tones: a summation tone and a difference tone. Thus, for example, an interval sounding in the lowest register produces a difference tone that we no longer perceive as a tone, but only as a pulsation. The smaller and lower the original interval is, the slower will be the pulsation of its difference tone. And when one moves the original interval ever deeper, we end up in that area where we can no longer perceive the real sound. Only the pulsation remains, which finally, gradually, disappears as well