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In the Current of Times and Worlds – a Schnittke Book by Maria Kostakeva

Much has been written about the late works of Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998). The Hamburg musicologist Georg Borchardt has also contributed a text well worth reading entitled “The Works of the Earliest Years” to Sikorski’s publication “Alfred Schnittke on His 60th Birthday” (1994). However, many posthumous publications are at times very specialist-orientated, and also very difficult to obtain in the various periodicals. A comprehensive consideration of the late works of this great composer was not available for a long time. Now, Maria Kostakeva has at last provided one.

Her book “In the Current of Times and Worlds – the Late Works of Alfred Schnittke” has just been issued by PFAU publishers. Important formative elements in the style of Alfred Schnittke, in works from the mid-1980s onwards, have been attributed to the experiences having to do with his serious illness. Maria Kostakeva’s study demonstrates, however, that these are the result of his lifelong artistic development. This first detailed examination of the composer’s late works, using important key works as examples, sheds light upon the development of his musical language in the political and cultural area of tension between East and West.

Alfred Schnittke

“In the Current of Times and Worlds – the Late Works of Alfred Schnittke”

ISBN 3-89727-279-2