"Lyon" by Franz Liszt for Orchestra

Score: SIK 1727


Franz Liszt composed LYON for Solo-Piano about 1834 under the impression of the silk-weaver-revolt of Lyon as part of his “Album d’un voyageur”. When Liszt reworked the cycle into the first part of his “Années de pèlerinage”, LYON was replaced by “La chapelle de Guillaume Tell” and fell into oblivion.

I tried to orchestrate LYON exactly in the style of a Lisztian “Symphonic Poem” and to use only the orchestral possibilities of Liszt’s period, e.g. I avoided the 5th string of the double-basses. To achieve the characteristic orchestral colour of Liszt I composed lots of additional material and modified the “pianistic” passages similarly as it can be found in works which Liszt created for both piano and orchestra.

(Frank Heckel)